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Camarillo Before & After

Camarillo Public Library - the early mailbox

Camarillo Public Library is located at 4101 Las Posas Rd, Camarillo

I photographed these pictures on February 4th.

At that time, Camarillo Public Library was still under construction.  These are the temporary mailbox we had until the building was ready.

At the parking lot, there was a camper with somebody living in there.  I think one of his duties were checking this mail box.  He was peaking out to see if I was doing anything funny.  It was a little awkward, but everything was cool.

Camarillo Public Library

Library Camarillo

Public Library Camarillo

Camarillo California Public Library
The other side of the mail box.  I couldn't make out what BBCM meant.

Savon to CVS - Camarillo

Sav-on Drugs will become CVS Pharmacy. I took some pictures of this Sav-on at Carmen Drive before they changed the sign. Sav-on Drugs is not completely disappeared. Albertsons owns Sav-on Drugs.  Albertsons will keep Sav-on Drugs inside the Supermarkets.  All Sav-on Drug chain stores will become SVS Pharmacies.

When I was taking this picture, they were already remodeling the interior.

camarillo savon picture

Update: March 2007, Now they are CVS/Pharmacy
CVS pharmacy Camarillo

Ventura County Fire Department, Camarillo

This is Camarillo's first fire station. This is Camarillo's landmark and one of handful of remaining Camarillo history. It's currently vacant and located between Diszar Park and St. Mary Magdalen Church.

Old Town Camarillo fire department

This is our new and improved fire station at 2160 PIckwick Drive. Next to post office. It was built in 1995.

While I was taking pictures, they happened to be responding to a fire call.

ventura county fire department

Camarillo fire department

Old Town Camarillo - Before & After 45 yrs

Before - Photo dated November 3, 1961. 
Ventura Boulevard (Old Conejo Road) was a part of U.S. Highway 101.  New freeway was constructed in the 50's.

camarillo town photograph

After: June 26, 2006
old town camarillo photographer

Lewis Road Construction

A BIG change is going on on Lewis Road behind Old Town Camarillo.
A construction project to widen this road had just started.
They have officially broke the ground yesterday, March 24 2006.
But I definitely saw the construction going on a few days before that.

From both pictures below, you can see St. Mary Magdalen (THE most famous catholic church in Camarillo), so you can reference the location.

First picture is before the construction started.
Second image is the picture of construction in progress. This picture was taken March 21, 2006, 3 days before their official day of ground break.

camarillo lewis photo

camarillo lewis road picture

Old Town Camarillo - Makeover

Remodeling work on Chinese Restaurant and the karate place is now completed.
I wonder if Augusta's will come back to the same building after that construction.
We shall see.
I think Thunderbird Travel will get a makeover pretty soon.
I’ll take some pictures of Thunderbird Travel next time I drive by. (before they get fixed up).

Picture was taken Feb 2006.

old town camarillo construction

Wide angle view.
Old Town Camarillo

Below picture of Old Town Camarillo was taken July 25 2003.
Arneill overpass was under construction at that time.
It's approaching 3 years already.

Camarillo Picture


Camarillo YMCA - Construction

Camarillo YMCA - Village at the Park.
It was still in construction on February 4th.

Camarillo YMCA Village at the Park

Village At the Park, YMCA

McDonald's at Las Posas - Before

Sorry about the low quality images.
I took these pictures with a film camera a few years back.
It was a bad time to take pictures. 
Sun was low and direct
And it was really hazy.
On top of it, the scan came out bad.

This is McDonald’s at Las Posas near 101 freeway.
As you can see, there is no hotel next to McDonald’s, but there is an empty dirt ground.
Camarillo is getting bigger all the time.

Las Posas McDonald's

Camarillo McDonald's Picture

Old Town Camarillo 2001

Old Town Camarillo, 2001.
Notice, there are no traffic lights and gardrail.
This is before Arneill overpass
It almost looks empty.

old town camarillo picture

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