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Santa Paula at night

Submitted by John on Sat, 10/27/2007 - 22:12.

Glen Tavern Inn
Glen Tavern Inn, Santa Paula

The historic Glen Tavern Inn is located in Old Town Santa Paula.  Glen Tavern Inn is a popular wedding location for locals. 

When I first started taking pictures of Glen Tavern Inn, someone said "Take pictures of a ghost".  I didn't think much of that remark. I just smiled.

Later, a group of family members walked by.  They were curious about what I was doing.  I said "Hi" and we talked for a while.  Again, they told me about the ghost.  According to the local stories, room 302 is haunted Surprised.  The lady pointed out the exact room that's supposed to be haunted.

Now, I was scared.

Suddenly, I heard a train coming from the other side. I ran over there with my camera & tripod.

Santa Paula Train, Night
Santa Paula Train Station. 

This classic train is being used as an Entertainment facility, not as a transportation device (I think).

Santa Paula Picture
Train & Gazebo

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