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Simi Valley Costco - Best Hotdog

Submitted by John on Sun, 02/26/2006 - 23:59.

Costco hotdog is well known to be one of the best in the world.
Their pizza is really good also
There were a few occasions where I ate 2 hotdogs in one sitting.
Sometimes I ate 1 hotdog and 1 slice of combination pizza.
I'm 5'7", 150lb, medium frame, so 2 hotdogs are a lot.
I go to Oxnard Costco more often, because it’s close to Camarillo. These photographs were taken at Simi Valley Costco.

This is how I make my hotdog.
First, I put extra amount of onion.
Then I put relish.
Then ketchup.
Then mustard.
Then I get a cup of Diet Coke with a straw & no lid.
All for $1.50.
After finish eating, I top off my diet Coke and I put the lid on.

Simi Valley Costco

Simi Valley Photo Costco

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