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Cawelti Building - 80+ yrs old writing

Submitted by John on Sat, 07/08/2006 - 19:13.

There is a meat market in Old Town Camarillo in the corner of Ventura & Lewis, across the train station

Camarillo Meat Market

I don't know what they call it nowadays, but its original name is Cawelti Building.

Buckhorn Saloon is now gone. But the first liquor license in the Ventura County was issued there.

If you look very close to the East side of this building (below, photographed July 2006), you can read some writing.
It reads, "Ice Cream, ?? Soda, Cigars, Tobacco"

old town camarillo sign

If you look at the historic picture of this building (circa 1920's), you can see that particular writing was there at that time. So, Mr. Adolfo Camarillo must have seen that writing frequently for about 30 years. Mister Adolfo Camarillo passed away in 1958.

Camarillo old picture

Also, you can read "Conejo Inn" next to the window. You can still see the trace of those writing as well.

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