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History of Eucalyptus Trees

Submitted by John on Fri, 02/10/2006 - 20:37.

Eucalyptus trees in Ventura County first came from Australia. They were first introduced around 1850 by Australians who came to find gold in California (California Gold Rush). These trees are vital part in Ventura County's history. Without them, Ventura County would be quite different.

Camarillo Eucalyptus Tree

Eucalyptus Trees in Camarillo, a landmark in Ventura County

Eucalyptus VenturaIn the 1870's, Ellwood Cooper came to Santa Barbara. He took a special interest in Australian Eucalyptus already growing in Santa Barbara area. He planted thousands of Eucalyptus trees in his nursery. He even visited Tasmania to study Eucalyptus trees. Ellwood Cooper is one of the earliest person who commercially sold Australian Eucalyptus trees in this area. He also served as a US senator. He is credited for revitalizing Bakersfield.

In the early days in Oxnard, James Saviers and his wife Mattie started a ranch in Rancho La Colonia. He was discouraged by hot dry wind destroying sugar beets. He bought thousands of Eucalyptus trees and planted along the property lines as windbreakers. He also sold hundreds of eucalyptus trees to the neighbors in Ventura County. Without these windbreakers, oxnard couldn't have succeeded in growing sugar beets and other vegetation. Saviers street in Oxnard is named after James Saviers.

The land Mr. Ellwood Cooper once owned is now called Ellwood Mesa. Some people tried to build luxury town houses there. After a lot of campagning and donations, Ellwood Mesa is now owned by city of Goleta. Ellwood Mesa will be forever protected.

Below: Charter Oaks Park in Camarillo. Click to enlarge.
Date of photography: February 10, 2007


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