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Old Conejo Road - Highway 101

Submitted by John on Sun, 07/30/2006 - 19:31.

This was Old Conejo Road, the road that connected Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Camarillo didn't have 101 freeway 50 years ago. This was the official highway that people used when people travel to Santa Barbara.  It must have been a bumpy drive going over Conejo Grade when there was no freeway.  Back then, movie stars would drop by at Old Town Camarillo to refuel their cars. (There was a gas station in Old Town Camarillo where Arneill over-pass is located now).

Conejo Photographer

Before the freeway, there was Old Conejo Road.  Before the automobile, there were trains.  Before the train people rode coach lead by 6 horses.  Before the coach line, people got on board the ships to go North.

Old Conejo Road ran through the heart of Camarillo (now Old Town Camarillo).  They originally planned to have the freeway run behind South side of Camarillo.  Then they changed their mind to run the freeway right through the city.  Now that the North side of the city is getting prosperous, Old Town Camarillo's been neglected.  The city government is doing their best to re-vitalize Old Town Camarillo now.

Camarillo Photo

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