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Month of October , 2007

Santa Paula at night


Glen Tavern Inn
Glen Tavern Inn, Santa Paula

The historic Glen Tavern Inn is located in Old Town Santa Paula.  Glen Tavern Inn is a popular wedding location for locals. 

When I first started taking pictures of Glen Tavern Inn, someone said "Take pictures of a ghost".  I didn't think much of that remark. I just smiled.

Later, a group of family members walked by.  They were curious about what I was doing.  I said "Hi" and we talked for a while.  Again, they told me about the ghost.  According to the local stories, room 302 is haunted Surprised.  The lady pointed out the exact room that's supposed to be haunted.

Now, I was scared.

Suddenly, I heard a train coming from the other side. I ran over there with my camera & tripod.

Santa Paula Train, Night
Santa Paula Train Station. 

This classic train is being used as an Entertainment facility, not as a transportation device (I think).

Santa Paula Picture
Train & Gazebo

Westlake Village Inn at Night

Westlake Village Inn

Photographed October 14, 2007 11:30pm

Lost Canyon Golf Club, Simi Valley


I had a wedding photography job at Lost Canyon Golf Club in Simi Valley.

Simi Valley Golf Club Picture

Lost Canyons Golf Club

Simi Valley Wedding Photographer

Lost Canyon Golf Club, Simi Valley
3301 Lost Canyon Dr, Simi Valley, CA 93063  (805) 522-4653

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