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Camarillo Construction

Parking Lot Sealing - Camarillo Town Center

West side parking lot of Camarillo Town Center was re-sealed today.
The City of Camarillo is maintaining many parking lots and streets. It seemed obvious to me that they are trying to finish everything before Camarillo Fiesta.

Service was provide by GPM (General Pavement Management) from Santa Paula.
They are high class, top notch pavement company in tricounty area.
I think they did a good job. They were nice people as well.

Camarillo Town Center

Construction Picture

Construction Behind Home Depot

Ok, what's going on back there?
Behind Home Depot, Camarillo California.
Pictures were taken March 26, 2006 around noon AND later same day.
Night shot was taken at 1/8 second, hand held.

Camarillo Picture 

Camarillo Photographer

Camarillo Photography

Old Town Camarillo - Makeover

Remodeling work on Chinese Restaurant and the karate place is now completed.
I wonder if Augusta's will come back to the same building after that construction.
We shall see.
I think Thunderbird Travel will get a makeover pretty soon.
I’ll take some pictures of Thunderbird Travel next time I drive by. (before they get fixed up).

Picture was taken Feb 2006.

old town camarillo construction

Wide angle view.
Old Town Camarillo

Below picture of Old Town Camarillo was taken July 25 2003.
Arneill overpass was under construction at that time.
It's approaching 3 years already.

Camarillo Picture


Camarillo YMCA - Construction

Camarillo YMCA - Village at the Park.
It was still in construction on February 4th.

Camarillo YMCA Village at the Park

Village At the Park, YMCA

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