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Camarillo Details

Camera at Ventura & Arneill

Did you know that there was a camera on top of the light pole at Old Town Camerillo, Ventura and Arneill?

Camarillo Camera Photo

Old Town Camarillo Camera

Arco Gas Station at Arneill

Camarillo Arco is my favorite gas station.
It's located at 650 Arneill Rd - Arneill & Ponderosa.
In fact, this is the only gas station I use.

camarillo arco picture

Camarillo Arco gives you the best gas price in Camarillo, perhaps the best in Ventura County.
They are hard working people.
The place looks folksy,
I hope they never remodel the place.

They often play 40's swing music on the loud speaker.
They do NOT open all night, they close around 11pm.

They are always busy.
But, if you schedule it right, you can avoid the line.
You know... avoid rush hours (people coming home from work), and etc...

Camarilo Arco Photograph

Camarillo City Emblem

This is the best looking city emblem I have ever seen.
The man on the horse, of course, is Mr. Adolfo Camarillo, THE father of Camarillo.

More pictures and history of Don Camarillo's statue

Camarillo City Emblem

Adolfo Camarillo Picture

Camarillo Bowl

I don't know why, but I am obsessed with this building.
I don't bowl. I just like this building.
Camarillo Bowl has an old fashion look.
It looks like Lieutenant Columbo will walk out from it.

 Camarillo Bowl Picture

Camarillo Bowl Sign Photograph

Camarillo Bowl Photograph

Camarillo after 911

St Mary Magdalen right after 911.
I thought this was very unusual.
Churches don't usually make political statements.
At that time, American flag meant "I hate you, Bin Laden".
It also meant "If you are against us, you can kiss my behind"

Camarillo Church with American Flag

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