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Camarillo Old Town

Evangelical Free Church


Evangelical Free Church
2315 Ventura Blvd, Camarillo, California 93010, United States
Phone: 805-482-1200

Camarillo Evangelical Free Church

Camera at Ventura & Arneill

Did you know that there was a camera on top of the light pole at Old Town Camerillo, Ventura and Arneill?

Camarillo Camera Photo

Old Town Camarillo Camera

Ventura & Elm

Elm Drive & Ventura Boulevard,
Camarillo Cleaner & Los Primeros Structured Elementary School.

Below is an image of the same area taken from atop of fairy's wheel during Camarillo Fiesta 2005.

Camarillo Cleaner

Ventura & Elm Camarillo Fiesta

Bone-Deep Tattoos

Bone Deep Tattoo is located right by the new 101 freeway on ramp at Old Town Camarillo.
I always see some cool guys hanging out there.

Bone-Deep Tattoos
2545 Ventura Blvd Camarillo, CA 93010

camarillo tattoo picture

Bone Deep Tattoos Camarillo

Old Town Camarillo 2001

Old Town Camarillo, 2001.
Notice, there are no traffic lights and gardrail.
This is before Arneill overpass
It almost looks empty.

old town camarillo picture

Camarillo Plumbing

Camarillo Plumbing and Paint is one of Camarillo's landmarks.
It was originally built as a garage for Lewis family (Lewis Road is named after them). This must be one of the oldest store buildings in Camarillo. They are the key component in Old Town Camarillo's Halloween activities.

Camarillo Plumbing and Paint
2401 E. Ventura Blvd. Camarillo, CA 93010
805-482-8963 Fax: 805-987-9564

Camarillo Plumbing Paint Picture

The building next to Camarillo Plumbing is also a landmark. It's been remodeled, but the basic "feeling" is there. We used to have movie theater and department store there.

Camarillo Plumbing Paint Photograph

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