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John's blog

Oxnard 99 Cents Only


99 Cents only Stores in Ventura County 

Currently there are 8 99 Cents only Stores in Ventura County

  • 99 Cents Only Store 301 Arneill Rd, Camarillo, CA (805) 383-9671 
  • 99 Cents Only Store 1855 E Ventura Blvd, Oxnard, CA (805) 983-0699
  • 99 Cents Only Store 2551 N Ventura Rd, Oxnard, CA (805) 984-8998
  • 99 Cents Only Store 2551 N Ventura Rd, Port Hueneme, CA (805) 984-8998
  • 99 Cents Only Store 1293 E Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, CA (805) 955-9989
  • 99 Cents Only Store 2292 Tapo St, Simi Valley, CA (805) 955-0099
  • 99 Cents Only Store 1425 S Victoria Ave, Ventura, CA (805) 642-4071
  • 99 Cents Only Store 2709 E Main St, Ventura, CA (805) 641-3999 

99 cents only oxnard
Photograph taken at Oxnard store near Costco

Some people think it's embarrassing to shop at 99 Cents Only Stores. Some people think 99 Cents Only Stores are only for poor people.  Jay Leno makes fun on 99 Cents Only Stores. I don't think that's right.  I shop at 99 Cents Only Stores often and I suggest everyone to check it out.  You may be missing out on good things.

They definitely have something for me, and I am not poor.

I buy a lot of brand name candies at 99 Cents Only Stores. My shopping list also contains sugar, salt, mustard, coffee filters... 

Oh, I use baby shampoos from 99 Cents Only Store.  Baby shampoos are pH balanced.  If you are older and losing hair, try baby shampoo from 99 Cents Only Store.  You may be surprised to see how less hair you will lose.

I don't buy any fruits and vegetables there.  Actually, I don't even look at them. 

When you visit 99 Cents Only Store, look for brand name items.  You will occationally find brand name products such as SPAM, Healthy Choice, Farmer Jones, Hickory Farms, &, etc.  That's when you save some big bucks. 

** Check expiration dates on all products.

Oxnard Beach


oxnard beach photographer

Oxnard Accident


I have witnessed this accident in 2003 at Oxnard.
I gave a report to the policewoman.
Of course, I didn't forget to snap a few shots.

Please drive careful.

Oxnard Accident Photography

Pacific View Mall Parking

Pacific View Mall

Camarillo YMCA - Construction

Camarillo YMCA - Village at the Park.
It was still in construction on February 4th.

Camarillo YMCA Village at the Park

Village At the Park, YMCA

Train from Oxnard

Train passed Oxnard and approaching Camarillo train station.

Train Camarillo Picture

Bone-Deep Tattoos

Bone Deep Tattoo is located right by the new 101 freeway on ramp at Old Town Camarillo.
I always see some cool guys hanging out there.

Bone-Deep Tattoos
2545 Ventura Blvd Camarillo, CA 93010

camarillo tattoo picture

Bone Deep Tattoos Camarillo

Burger King at Arneill

Burger King at Arneill - Jan. 31 2006
Something must have happened.
The structure had a massive damage.
I hope nobody was hurt.
If anyone knows what happened, please let me know.

Camarillo Burger King 

Camarillo Burger King Picture

Sunset at Camarillo



Sunset Camarillo Picture

Camarillo City Emblem

This is the best looking city emblem I have ever seen.
The man on the horse, of course, is Mr. Adolfo Camarillo, THE father of Camarillo.

More pictures and history of Don Camarillo's statue

Camarillo City Emblem

Adolfo Camarillo Picture

Camarillo Ranch

Camarillo Ranch.

I took this picture when I had a meeting with a wedding photography client.
The second image is the actual wedding picture I took from inside the house.

This is the house where Mr. Adolfo Camarillo used to live. More about Camarillo Ranch

Camarillo Ranch Wedding

Wedding at Camarillo Ranch

Business Trade Show 2006

Camarillo Chamber B2B Busienss Trade Show 2006
Wednesday, Jan. 18th 3-7pm
I got to get off work early :)
They had good food.

Camarillo Business Trade Show

Camarillo Show Photography

Camarillo Bowl

I don't know why, but I am obsessed with this building.
I don't bowl. I just like this building.
Camarillo Bowl has an old fashion look.
It looks like Lieutenant Columbo will walk out from it.

 Camarillo Bowl Picture

Camarillo Bowl Sign Photograph

Camarillo Bowl Photograph

McDonald's at Las Posas - Before

Sorry about the low quality images.
I took these pictures with a film camera a few years back.
It was a bad time to take pictures. 
Sun was low and direct
And it was really hazy.
On top of it, the scan came out bad.

This is McDonald’s at Las Posas near 101 freeway.
As you can see, there is no hotel next to McDonald’s, but there is an empty dirt ground.
Camarillo is getting bigger all the time.

Las Posas McDonald's

Camarillo McDonald's Picture

Old Town Camarillo 2001

Old Town Camarillo, 2001.
Notice, there are no traffic lights and gardrail.
This is before Arneill overpass
It almost looks empty.

old town camarillo picture

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