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Simi Valley

Simi Valley is a Home of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.
You can see the library up on the hill.

Pictures I took inside the Ronald Reagan Library are here.

Welcome to Simi Valley

Ronald Reagan Library Simi

Camarillo Chamber of Commerce

Camarillo Chamber of Commerce

Address: 2400 E. Ventura Blvd. Camarillo, CA 93010
Ventura Blvd. & Glenn in Old Town Camarillo.
Phone (805) 484-4383 fax: (805) 484-1395

Click here for the list of all chambers in Ventura County

camarillo chamber of commerce

Hawk at Camarillo

This happened at the parking lot in Camarillo.
Nature happens.
I was very scared that the bird might come poke my eye out.

Camarillo Hawk Photography

Welcome to Camarillo

This is the sign you see on 101 freeway South bound

camarillo welcome photo

Oxnard Santa Claus

We should give the city of Oxnard proper credit for saving Santa Claus.
This (ever famous) Santa was created in 1950 for the city of Carpinteria.
He resided in the City of Carpinteria for 50 years. He watched over 101 freeway to see if our driving was naughty or nice.

There was a controversy on this Santa Clause.  They were going to kill Santa!.  Carpinteria had decided to get rid of him.
The City of Oxnard, with a team of volunteers, rescued Santa Claus and gave him a new home.

The list of the rescuers (mainly local businesses) is on location as well.

Keep watching Santa's glasses.  He wears dark Sun-glasses during Summer season.  During the winter time he wears clear glasses.

Oxnard Santa Clause

Oxnard Photography Santa

Santa Clause Oxnard Picture

Old Town Camarillo Accident

Auto accident at Old Town Camarillo.
Saturday, April 1, 2006 around 2pm.
Drive careful.

old town camarillo cars

Arneil Ventura picture

Construction Behind Home Depot

Ok, what's going on back there?
Behind Home Depot, Camarillo California.
Pictures were taken March 26, 2006 around noon AND later same day.
Night shot was taken at 1/8 second, hand held.

Camarillo Picture 

Camarillo Photographer

Camarillo Photography

Camarillo Airport from 101 Freeway

View from 101 freeway - Looking at Camarillo Airport.
Notice the rich, empty land in front.

Camarillo Photographer Airport 

camarillo airport picture

Dinner at Daphne's

I had a dinner at Daphne's Greek Cafe.
Daphne's Greek Cafe is a Greek Restaurant located at Camarillo Village Square, facing Starbucks Coffee.
Food was good, people were nice, and it was comfortable there with nice music.
On top of it, they were reasonably priced.
I think they occationally send out flyers.

Daphne's Cafe:
2390 Las Posas Rd. Camarillo, CA 93010 (805) 389-0575

Camarillo Village Square

Camarillo Daphnes Photography

Daphnes Camarillo Dinner

Lewis Road Construction

A BIG change is going on on Lewis Road behind Old Town Camarillo.
A construction project to widen this road had just started.
They have officially broke the ground yesterday, March 24 2006.
But I definitely saw the construction going on a few days before that.

From both pictures below, you can see St. Mary Magdalen (THE most famous catholic church in Camarillo), so you can reference the location.

First picture is before the construction started.
Second image is the picture of construction in progress. This picture was taken March 21, 2006, 3 days before their official day of ground break.

camarillo lewis photo

camarillo lewis road picture

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